• koflo_CalibrationCyl

    Koflo pump calibration columns / calibration cylinders provide a simple method for determining pump flowrate using industry-standard graduations of milliliters/minute and gallons/hour. Top-aligned graduated scales allow the operator to survey both ml/min. and GPH in a single test. High-contrast blue lettering enhances readability in all light conditions, and all scales have a protective Mylar lamination to protect against chemical attack. All sizes feature rugged construction using industrial grade machined PVC fittings.

    Specialist at 1-800-343-7555 or email; plastics@fwwebb.com for any Custom Fabrications or Special Requirements.

    Each Koflo® calibration column comes with two precise graduated scales behind a protective layer of Mylar lamination to protect against chemical erosion.

    See Demonstration;   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve7oZe1tXmo

  • koflo_Quill

    Koflo Chemical Injection Quills are used to introduce medium to highly corrosive chemicals into a pipeline without damage to the side port or pipe wall at the point of injection. Chemical injection quills ensure that chemicals are evenly dispersed into the center of the pipeline, which prevents channeling of the chemical down the pipe wall. The body and stinger are both constructed of chemical resistant plastics or alloys (PVC, Kynar, 316 SS, or Hastelloy C-276). Injection quills with 3” and 5” long stingers are available from stock. All injection quills come with 1/2" FNPT x MNPT connections for ease of installation.