• hayRSeriesMagDrive

    The R Series magnetic drive pump consists of two heavy-duty magnet assemblies whose frictionless drive offers extremely energy efficient operation.

    Key Features

    • GFPP and Carbon Reinforced ETFE
    • Seal-Less Design
    • Low Friction Operation
    • Easy Maintenance, No Special Tools Options
    • Carbon Bushings
    • Ceramic Bushings
    • EPDM Elastomers
    • 575V Motors
    • Explosion Proof Motors
    • Washdown Motors maTEriaLs
    • GFPP Cell Class 85580 per ASTM D4101
    • ETFE

  • hayZpump

    The New Z Series Solenoid Dosing Pumps brings simplicity to your metering pump needs in all aspects of design, function and performance. The Z Series features only one design configuration allowing for easy and flexible installation.

    ZMA, ZPD = Constant Dosage
    ZPA = Proportional Dosage
    ZTA = Timed Dosage
    ZRD = PH/REDOX Control
    ZKD = Constant Flow & Timer

    • Analog and Digital Operation
    • Three Pump Sizes Cover 1 To 14 gph With an Output Pressure Up To 232 psi
    • Standard One Piece Molded PVDF Pump Head
    • PTFE Diaphragm Provides Superior Chemical Handling
    • Degassing Valve Included
    • Glass Reinforced Polypropylene Housing
    • FPM Body O-Ring Seal
    • Removable Bracket Allows For Panel Mounting, As Well As Replacement of Existing Metering Pumps
    • Inputs: 4-20mA, Pulse, etc.
    • Manual Priming Valve
    • NEMA 4X / IP 65 Rated
    • Electrical Connections Are Configured With “Quick- Connectors”, Capped When Not In Use
    • Automatic Power Supply - 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

  • hayCseriesCentrificalPump

    The C Series features a totally enclosed 56C frame motor designed for continuous duty chemical service.

    • Rugged Design for Demanding Continuous Duty Service
    • No metal in Contact with Process Fluid

  • hayWebsterSeriesD&Simage

    D & S Series vertical pumps are rugged, chemical duty pumps for handling a wide range of corrosive liquids.

    Features - D Series

    • Small Capacity Pumps Built for Years of Trouble-Free Service
    • No Metal in Contact with the Process Fluid
    • Optional Inlet Screens
    • Two-Year Warranty

    Features - S Series

    • Heavy Duty Design for Continous Duty Service
    • No Metal in Contact with the Process Fluid
    • Optional Inlet Screen and Extended Shaft
    • Two-Year Warranty

  • hayTseriesImage

    T-Series thermoplastic pumps. This new line of vertical seal-less immersible pumps compliments our industry leading line of Webster pumps. The pump features a single, non-coupled motor/impeller shaft with a proprietary patent-pending shaft seal.

    The T-Series Pump is available from 1/3 HP to 1-1/2 HP with standard and wash-down motors and in voltages of 115/230 and 208-230/460.

    Key Features:

    • CPVC Pump Head and Impeller
    • Single, Non-Coupled Motor Shaft
    • Proprietary, Patent-Pending PTFE Shaft Seal Design
    • 303 SS Shaft Material
    • Extended Shaft Sleeve


    • Solid, Stable One-Piece Shaft for longer lasting performance
    • Seal Point Away from Weep Hole
    • Less Vibration for longer motor life
    • Runs True

  • hayPumpCartridgeFilter

    All plastic construction, uses 1 to 100 micron, 10,20,or 30 filter cartridges.

    • PVC or CPVC Construction
    • FPM O-Ring Cover Seals
    • Hand-Removable Cover
    • Choice of Pleated or Wound Filter Cartridges
    • Integral, Plugged Tap on Cover for Easy Bleeding of the Filter
    • Optional Base for Mounting to Floor or Work Surface

  • hayPumpFiltrationSys

    Compact, easy to install filter system with a choice of single or double string wound filter cartridges. Used to filter paticles from process fluid within a tank. This eliminates the need to plumb outside the tank.

    • Corzan CPVC Corrosion-Resistant Construction
    • Compact and Easy to Install
    • Seal-Less, Bearing-Free Pump
    • Fast Filter Change
    • 1/15 HP Model Features a Built-In Power Cord
    • Two-Year Pump Warranty
    • FPM Seals are Standard 

  • hayAimage

    The new A-Series LifeStar® pump from Hayward Flow Control is designed for operation in aquatic and animal life support systems. Its specialized construction makes it safe for even the most sensitive aquatic habitats. The LifeStar pump features a corrosion resistant Glass Filled Polyp ropylene housing, a silicon carbide/silicon carbide shaft seal and all wetted har dware manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel for superior performance in aquatic ap plications.
    The Hayward LifeStar pump is a self-priming, energy efficient and fully rated single speed premium pump that provides high flow rates and reduced energy consumption. The integral, no-rib basket traps debris and prevents solids from damaging pump or downstream components. The clear trap cover incorporates 1/4 turn sealing for fast and efficient maintenance in tight quarters.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Ideal for Sensitive Aquatic Environments or Salt Water Systems
    • All Wetted Hardware Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
    • Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide Shaft Seal Suitable for Fresh a nd Salt Water Use
    • Corrosion Resistant Housing
    • Self-Priming Pump
    • Suitable For High Volume Pumping
    • Clear High Capacity Basket Strainer Lid for Visual Inspection
    • Elevated Base Ensures Better Ventilation and Protection from Flooding
    • Perforated HDPE Basket

  • hayLS_image

    All aquatic sand filters sizes 31”and 36”, shall have a filter body made from HD-PE per ASTM D4976, Cell Classification 235. Filter shall include a filter base made from ABS per ASTM D4673, Cell Classification 0121. All seals and O-rings shall be EPDM. All wetted hardware must be 316 stainless steel grade only.
    Filter must allow for back-wash capability and include a lid for visual inspection. Inlet and outlet port connections shall be true-union to allow quick installation or maintenance. Multi-port valve to have a minimum of 6-valve settings for operation and maintenance. All ports to be 2” NPT. Filters to be pressure rated at 50 PSI @ 70oF non-shock and have a flow rate range of 99 to 130 GPM.

    Filters and valve shall be LS Series manufactured by Hayward Flow Control. Filters shall carry a 2-year warranty.

    • Ideal for Sensitive Aquatic Environments or Salt Water Systems
    • All Wetted Hardware Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
    • Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Housing and Base
    • Durable Flanged Inspection Cover
    • Integral Top Diffuser • Efficient, Multilateral Underdrain Assembly
    • Integral Molded Drain Plug
    • HDPE Body per ASTM D4976, Cell Class 235
    • ABS Base per ASTM D4673, Cell Class 0121
    • EPDM Seals
    • 316 SS Hardware

  • hayPS_Image

    The new PS Series Surge Suppressor and Pulsation Dampener from Hayward are built tough and designed to operate flawlessly in the most demanding of industrial environments.
    The PS Series offers a new air feed/bleed technology that is self-adaptive, always adjusting to the changing environment found within a pressurized piping system.
    Designed to minimize the harmful hydraulic shocks caused by volumetric air diaphragm pumps, water hammer and metering/dosing pumps, the PS Series is maintenance free. The active diaphragm- plunger requires no preloading or tuning, responding immediately to dampen any shocks or hammer that may suddenly occur

    • All Thermoplastic Design in GFPP and PVDF Materials
    • Easy to Install – Plug and Play
    • No Pre-charging Required
    • Lightweight for Easy Installation and Less Stress on the System
    • Corrosion Resistant Internally and Externally
    • Long Lasting Heavy Duty PTFE Diaphragm
    • Self-adapting Technology – Constantly Reacting to Hydraulic Demands
    • Reduce Damaging Effects of Water Hammer
    • Small Footprint with In-line Design
    • Easy to Size – No Preloading Required
    • Self-adapting – Up to 90% + Reduction in Pressure Spikes
    • Suitable for Viscous Liquids
    • Reduces Vibration – Longer Lasting Fittings, Valves, Sensors
    • Provides Constant Output Required for Flow NPT Connection Meters, Pressure Gauges, etc.