• stgMixer

    Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Tanks and LIGHTNIN Mixers Our pre-engineered packages are available for general mixing/medium agitation of up to 1000 gallons.

    Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics tank and mixer packages are designed for liquids and liquid slurries only. We do not warrant these packages for any specific application; only general purpose mixing to these maximum limits:

    • Solids-20% by weight
    • Specific Gravity (batch)-1.2
    • Viscosity-500 centipoise

    LIGHTNIN  Mixer Features

    • Self-aligning, floating gears optimize load sharing and reduce wear
    • Switchcord and plug are standard on single-phase units
    • Oversized bearings for superior shaft support
    • 115-volt, single-phase motors
    • Standard 1-year warranty
    • Permanently sealed lubrication
    • Motors-Precision-matched to LIGHTNIN mixers. Direct drive or gear drive, depending on tank size. Chemical-resistant housings, 1/4-1/2 hp. Pre-engineered to applicable Saint-Gobain tanks and stands. Totally enclosed.
    • Mounts-LIGHTNIN mixers clamp securely to steel support stands.
    • Mixer Supports- Welded steel with chemical-resistant polyurethane paint. Pre-sized for proper mixer elevation. Integral part of stand for security and rigidity.
    • Impellers-Cast 316 stainless steel impellers are supplied on all mixers. Mixer packages are supplied with one impeller.
    • Shafts-All shafts are concentric, centerless ground, stainless steel.

    Available Options

    • Explosion-proof motors
    • LIGHTNIN mixers can be supplied with air motors for use in flammable or explosion-proof environment.
    • Air motors operate using compressed air and require no electricity. These mixers provide an inherent variable-speed feature by merely adjusting your air-control valve and cannot overload.
    • Tachometers for mixers larger than 55 gallons
    • Special PVDF and PTFE shafts and impeller coatings